Winery Notes - April 2011

Breaky Bottom on Channel 4

'The Secret Supper Club' 16 April 2011 3.55pm
Presenter - Olly Smith

Peter Hall and Olly Smith TV presenter and wine writer Olly Smith is presenting a new series called, 'The Secret Supper Club'. It aims to catch the spirit of what he describes as 'the secret, underground dining movement', by combining great food and wine in a perfect setting. He believes that where you eat is as important as what you eat.

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Secret Supper This episode called 'The Vineyard' will include a wine tasting of the Breaky Bottom 2006 fizz and a delicious supper made and grown by local producers. The meal was planned to take place outside in one of our paddocks but a heavy Spring shower meant that it was actually held in our winery - an old Sussex flint barn.


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Peter Hall - April 2011

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