Winery Notes - June 2007

Breaky Bottom - Independent Article Cuvée Alex Mercier Sparkling

The Breaky Bottom 2003 sparkling 'Cuvée Alex Mercier' had a nice mention in The Independent of 4 April 2007, under 'The Ten Best British wines'. The wine is selling very well.
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The Breaky Bottom 2003 Sparkling Brut 'Cuvée Alex Mercier' is to be served as the aperitif reception wine at the British Embassy in Paris on BBC 2, on Friday 8th June.

Extract from Radio Times:
'After battling through eight weeks of competition, the winning chefs set out to storm the capital of haute cuisine. The British Ambassador is hosting a banquet for the elite of the French culinary world, in the magnificent Embassy
in Paris, and our chefs will be preparing the winning four course menu'.

'Great British Menu'
Friday 8th June
7.30 - 8.00pm

I have no idea how the wine was received, or even whether it was mentioned!

Best wishes,
Peter Hall


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