March 2005  

Winery Notes


Rick Stein’s Food Heroes of Britain and a new book by Stuart Pigott.

The new Rick Stein Guide to the Food Heroes of Britain is published on the 17th March 2005. I am pleased to announce that Breaky Bottom is again listed in the second edition of his directory of the best food producers in Great Britain and Ireland.

This guide is the companion volume to the Food Heroes TV series and is a very personal selection from one of Britain’s most trusted authorities on food. The book is a guide listing recommended producers and suppliers and therefore does not contain recipes. Of the great bag-full of TV chefs I feel most at ease with Rick Stein. He manages to achieve a balance between absolute passion for the best of foods with a certain laid-back feeling in his style of presentation, very much to my taste …..and he likes Breaky Bottom!

Wine writer Stuart Pigott has included Breaky Bottom in his new book ‘Planet Wine’, based on grape varieties, which is published by Mitchell Beazley. Our sparkling Cuvée Rémy Alexandre 1999 is the only English wine featured, under Seyval Blanc, with two fine photographs. It is a beautifully presented book which describes the different grape varieties of the world and how they contribute to the various tastes and styles, and how the winemakers’ influence can develop rich and complex wines. This is a book which gives informative and well-written little glimpses of the grape varieties around the world and an insight into the people who bring out the best in them……….worth buying at £18.99.

Peter Hall