September 2005  

Winery Notes


Kir Royal

For some time I have been considering the possibility of creating a Kir Royal 'in-the-bottle'. Home mixed Kir and Kir Royal often disappoints, usually because the Cassis has been opened a little while and is oxidised. By adding a dosage of fresh Breaky Bottom Crème de Cassis at the time of disgorgement we have produced a most delicious pink fizz with a superb soft-rose colour and a gentle hint of blackcurrant at the finish.

This wine was launched around the middle of August, and it has had a fine reception. Not only is the wine itself a great seduction, but I have also spent time designing a beautiful label. When my label printer arrived at Breaky Bottom for afternoon tea on the terrace, I presented him with a bottle Laurent Perrier Rosé Brut, saying "Can you match that pink?" ........"Yes, definitely" he replied, and I believe that he has done a superb job, complete with a fine descriptive back-label.

I attach the current Price List, including the Kir Royal and the new Seyval Blanc from 2003. The Seyval is very pale gold in colour, and green and crisp on the palate. It was bottled last November, and with a little ageing will develop into a classic Breaky Bottom. It has already been awarded a Silver Medal in the South East Wine Challenge for 2005.

Delivery for a single case is £8.00, two cases £10.00, 3 cases £12.00, etc.

I look forward to hearing from you if you wish to place an order.

With best regards,